November 21, 2014 |
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Local Author/Creator Submission Guidelines

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The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library is pleased to have the work of many local authors, artists and creators on our shelves, and wishes to recognize local literary and creative efforts by including them in the collection when possible.

Local authors/creators are defined as those with an active and current community connection. Due to budget constraints, TLCPL cannot purchase local works. However, if an author/creator chooses to donate a single copy of his or her work to TLCPL, the Collection Development Coordinator will accept a copy for review.

The works must meet the Library’s selection criteria and standards as set forth in our mission statement, which is available on our Web site at toledolibrary.org. If accepted, a single copy of the work will be added to the collection.

Authors’ works will be a part of a floating collection. Works are also subject to current weeding policies and procedures.

  • Be aware that, due to time constraints, library selectors are unable to meet individually with authors and artists.
  • Submitted works become the property of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library and will not be returned or acknowledged.
  • Acceptance of a copy of an author's/artist's work for the collection does not guarantee that we will buy additional copies, and if we buy additional copies they may or may not be purchased directly through the author/artist.

The Library does NOT accept:

  • Unsolicited self-published or created materials submitted by persons or publishers outside of Lucas County. Such submissions will not be considered, acknowledged or returned.
  • Materials in languages other than English.
  • Materials with obvious or possible copyright violations.
  • Materials in eBook or eAudio format.

How to Submit Your Work

You may drop off one copy at your local branch or send a copy to:

Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
Collection Development Coordinator Technical Services
325 North Michigan Street
Toledo, OH 43604

Please include:

  • Your name, address, and email address.
  • Professional reviews or critiques of your work.