November 25, 2014 |
How Do I ...?
Databases can help you ... Get Your Investments Back on Track

American Business/Reference USA
Contains detailed information on more than 12 million companies located in the United States.

Investment Education
Provides the knowledge, skills, and tools for financial success created by the FINRA Foundation, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Learn about bank products, US Treasury securities, as well as retirement savings and managing investment risks. Available in English and  Espanol. Provided by the Toledo Lucas County Public Library.

Find a stock or a fund to meet your needs, research current or prospective holdings, or see how your investments fit together.

Mergent WebReports
Mergent WebReports Access more than 300,000 documents covering over 50,000 global companies. Documents include company annual reports, prospectuses, industry reports, plus other company related documents in PDF. This database provided by the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library.

Plunkett Research Online
Offers business intelligence, industry trends and analysis, market research, statistics, sales leads, plus company profiles and contacts for thirty-three different major industries.