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Tools to Spend Less (Calculators, Comparisons and Other Links for Spending Less)

Bank Rates
Local mortgage, savings interest, and CD rates and more.

Debt Management Tools and Calculators
Tools for figuring out your debt load, household budget, and financial health quiz.

Nolo's Financial Calculators
Calculators that can help you figure out investments, mortgages, loans, rent, and retirement needs.

Deal With It Simply
One mother’s blog about her journey in frugal living.

TLCPL Teen page--Colleges, Careers and Money
Links to information on colleges and college financial aid.

Ohio HigherEd--Paying for College
How to figure out the cost of your college education, and how to find sources to pay for it.

Department of Education Ombudsman.  How to Get Relief (Student Loans)

If you need relief from federal student loans, this page outlines every possible program for loan relief, including forgiveness, income-based payment plans, discharge, loan rehabilitation, and loan cancellation.

America Saves
Tips on how to save money, saving for different goals (home, car, emergencies, retirement), and personal wealth estimator.

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Financial Health (Local Groups)

Northwest Ohio Development Agency
Financial counseling, predatory lending, foreclosure prevention, home buying, individual development accounts.

432 N. Superior Street
Toledo, Ohio
Neighborhood Housing Services
704 - 2nd Street
Toledo, OH 43605-2113
Home buying, home improvement, financial management training, home weatherization, foreclosure prevention.
City of Toledo Department of Housing
One Government Center, Suite 1800
Toledo, Ohio  43604
Phone: 419.245.1400
Neighborhood Stabilization Homeownership Program, Owner-Occupied Home Rehabilitation, American Dream Downpayment Assistance.

Adelante Latino Resource Center

520 Broadway Street
Toledo, OH 43604

(419) 244-8440

  • Assisting individuals to achieve their dream of homeownership
  • Assisting consumers to become financially literate and build wealth

This is a coalition of banks, credit unions and community groups that makes bank accounts available to low-income people in the Toledo area.  They also hold classes in personal budgeting, savings, investments, home ownership and more.
OSU Extension, Lucas County:
Information on family nutrition, budgeting and household management.
One Government Center, Suite 550, Toledo, Ohio 43604-2245
Phone: 419.213.4254
FAX: 419.213.4241
OSU money fact sheets
Fact sheets that teach you how to invest well and increase your wealth.

OSU All about Money Self- Course program
A self-study course you can use to teach yourself how to hang on to your money better.
ONE Village Financial Opportunity Center
2860 Lagrange Street
Toledo, Ohio  43608
Financial coaching for ONE Village residents, job coaching, income support, Ohio Benefits Bank counseling, and community education classes.
Living Frugally 
A Web site devoted to investing and saving money.
United Way-East Toledo Family Center
Financial Stability Advocacy
419.691.1429 x214
Trained financial stability advocates can help you find extra money in your budget, find ways to reduce your bills, develop a plan to meet your financial goals, avoid home foreclosure and increase your knowledge of money.

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Leisure and Recreational Activities

Free Books and Audio Visual Materials
Toledo Lucas County Public Library- books, DVDs CDs, but also programming including Authors! Authors!
Books Should Be Free 
Free audio downloads of books in the public domain.
Free audio and readable book downloads from the public domain.
Arts Commission of Greater Toledo

The Art Walk on Thursday nights

Live Work Create Toledo

419! Artomatic 

Toledo Museum of Art

Low Cost Movies
Maumee Indoor Theatre

Valentine Theatre 
Various performance shows including movies -the Silver Classics Series

Toledo Repertoire

Collingwood Arts Center   

Medium cost $10- $30
Owens Community College- Center for Fine and Performing Arts
Toledo Area Metroparks
Includes the University Parks Bike Trail at Wildwood and the Wabash Cannonball trail at Oak Openings. 

Maumee Bay State Park
Wolcott House

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Fort Meigs

Oak Grove School 

Sylvania Historical Village

James Shoonmaker Museum Ship

Toledo Firefighters Museum

Toledo Police Museum

Toledo History Museum
Wildwood Manor House

Historic Old West End
Historic Westmoreland Neighborhood
Cheapest gas
Cheapest alternate fuel
Cheapest places to park
Last-minute traveling
Home exchange
Global freeloaders
Stay in other people's homes, if you offer your home to stay in.
Senior National Parks Recreational Pass ($10)

Free wifi hotspots around the world
Kids Eat Free Places by state

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Living Well on Less for the Holidays

Federal Trade Commission FTC Offers Tips for Holiday Shopping
Information about shopping wisely and how to evaluate pricing

National Federation of Retailers, Holiday Shopping Tips
A retail industry advocacy organization that also has holiday shopping tips for consumers

Trends: Holiday 2011 | How to Save Money, Reduce Debt and Manage Credit Cards | Personal Finance Expert Scott Gamm | HelpSaveMyDollars.com."

Holiday Entertaining on a Dime. Financial Literacy for Everyone. Practical Money Skills for Life 
Practical Money Skills for Life is a global finanical literacy initiative sponsored by VISA.

Budgeting: Holiday Budegeting Center. Financial Literacy for Everyone. Practical Money Skills for Life
Practical Money Skills for Life is a global finanical literacy initiative sponsored by VISA.

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Credit Report Information


Annual Credit Report:

The government-approved place to get your annual free credit report, without subscription or cost.

Your Credit History:
 --A short description of what a credit reports do, and what goes into them, where to get them, and how to fix mistakes.

Building a Better Credit Report: 
 -- An in-depth look at what goes into a credit report, how to make is better, and how to fix mistakes that may be in it now.

Sample Letter for Disputing Credit:  
How can you dispute mistakes in your credit report?  Use this letter as a sample to send disputing mistakes in your credit report.

FTC FAQs on Credit Reports

Federal Trade Commission Questions and answers on free credit reports:

Credit Karma

Credit Karma, a company that gives a free credit score.  This is NOT the same as a FICO (Fair Issaac) score, but is an approximation.  It may give patrons a way to find out an IDEA of what their credit score might be.

Building a Better Credit Report:

From the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, Credit Report Scams:

How to Read Your Credit Report:  This is a publication of the North Carolina A & T State University Extension, which may give an insight into the numbers  and other parts of the report:

Places where you can get someone to help you read and understand your credit report:

ONE Village Financial Opportunity Center
2860 Lagrange Street, Toledo, Ohio 43608
Serves anyone in 43604, 43608, 436011, or any households in Toledo with children present.

Crossroads Family Resource Center
4543 Douglas Road, Toledo, Ohio 43613

East Toledo Family Center
1020 Varland Ave.
Toledo, OH 43605
Phone: 419.691.1429

CedarCreek.tv Community Care Ministry
Contact Information by campus
Bruce Nimmo (PB)…………… 419.661.8661 ext 154
Jim Brosius (WTOL)………… 419.720.8661
Luke Shortridge (WH)………… 567.246.5064
Ben Bockert (STOL) …………419.392.7987

CedarCreek.tv Financial Counseling
 Contact brucen@cedarcreek.tv or call 419.661.8661 for more information.


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