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The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library offers thousands of downloadable (or eMedia) titles available 24/7 at http://digitalbooks.toledolibrary.org/.  At home or through mobile apps, explore our wide collection of popular titles for all ages.   The formats offered are eBooks (onscreen text), eAudiobooks, eMusic and eVideo.  

Written Guides

Downloadable Media eBook Guide
Use this helpful step-by-step guide for instruction on how to download and transfer an eBook to popular eReader devices such as the Nook or Sony Reader

Downloadable Media Guide for the Nook
Specifically for the Nook user, this written guide will assist the beginner on how to download an eBook or eAudio onto a Barnes and Noble Nook device.

Downloadable Media Quick Guide
Just getting started with downloadable media?  Try this quick guide for the basics. 

Downloadable Media Guide for the Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and the OverDrive Media App
This helpful tool highlights the steps in using our downloadable media collection with these various devices.
Kindle Book Guide
If you have a Kindle eReader, this guide takes you step-by-step through the process of using eBooks specifically for the Kindle. 

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Tutorial Videos

Adobe Digital Editions and the Barnes and Noble Nook Tutorial 
This guide will take you through the process of setting up Adobe Digital Editions for eBook use with your desktop computer, laptop, and eReaders such as the Nook and Sony Reader.  Kindle users, please refer to that device-specific tutorial.
Kindle Book and eReader Tutorial 
This video will take you through the process of selecting, checking out and downloading an eBook for use on your Kindle device.

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